Lambai island

One of the best places for scuba diving in Taiwan

Would you like to scuba dive with sea turtles?

Lambai island, also known as Liuqiu, Ryukyu, Lamay or Xiaoliuqiu island is surrounded by hundreds of green sea turtles, it is one the best places in the world to see them (almost 100% guarantee on each dive!).
There is also few shipwrecks and a lot of amazing marine creatures around here like Mantis shrimp, Octopus, moray eels, barracudas, lion fish, oriental sweetlips and much more...
The water is pretty clear and warm, visibility 15 to 30 meters and the water temperature is around 23 to 29°C depending on the season. Little Liuqiu is the only diving place in Taiwan enjoyable all year as it is not affected by typhoons and northeast monsoons.
Lambai is a coral island, which mean that it is built of organice material derived from skeletons of corals.
It is a tiny island of 6.8 km2 with as many as 70 temples!
You can also find lot of informations about the island on this blog made by freedive nomad.
Lambai island is easily accessible from Kaoshiung, even from Taipei and perfect for a few days of vitamins SEA!

How to get to Lambai
PADI dive instructor

About me

My name is Yann aka Scuba Yann, PADI Scuba instructor.
I am an independent PADI instructor (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) in Lambai island (Xiaoliuqiu), Taiwan.
I am 33 years old, French and speak fluently English and Spanish.
I've worked for several diving shops during my career, in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Mexico.
I am now living in Taiwan and found my paradise on this Island.
I am organizing scuba diving courses and fun dives around Lambai island from begginers to advanced divers.
I am freelancer and work with differents diving shop where we will meet and profit of the facilities.
I believe that the choice of your diving instructor is important so that you can enjoy and feel safe throughout your diving experience.
If you decide to contact me, I will make sure to be your personal diving professional and make your underwater journey nice and smooth :D

8 years of teaching

With years of experience and tireless dedication to high standards and safe practice, I will make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing while you are diving with me.

274 certifications

I teached to many students during my career, first time divers, kids from 10 years old, advanced up to Divemaster level.

2000 dives

I dove with whale sharks in the Philippines, did cave diving in Mexico, Night dive inside wrecks and much more..

3 Languages

I can teach or guide scuba divers in English, French or Spanish.

It was our first dive experience with Yann and we had an amazing time few months ago. Yann is a very good instructor, with a great experience. We came back to pass our first Padi level and it was an incredible time. Yann leads us and teaches us through practical exercice and we really enjoy our dives. Yann is a very calm reinsuring and good professor. We wish to come back soon to continue diving !

- Adeline P, May 22, 2021

Incredible experience! We had an amazing time on our dive with Yann! My spouse had never dived before, and this was an incredible experience for both of us. Yann was very thorough and made sure we understood the mechanics of diving before we even hit the water. He had us go through exercises in shallow water with our gear on before we did the actual dive. Once we descended, he watched us constantly while pointing out sea turtles and other amazing sights in the water. My only regret is that we didn’t have time for more dives in our schedule! I would have done one every day of our trip if we could :-)

- Vannessa C, May 18, 2021

Laid back, professional and very knowledgeable instructor. Yann will make you feel like a fish in water!

- Johann S, May 15, 2021

First-ever awesome dive with Yann! The first experience with my PADI instructor Scuba Yann was amazing. Seems this first step decides everything. I'm gonna addicted to diving. Of course, firstly I felt a lot of fear and anxiety, but he knows how to motivate you. He is patient and skillful enough-explains everything so simple. That you will understand every aspect and detail about diving so easily. Now I'm a certified diver, looking forward to my next adventure. Also with my buddy, this team gives you confidence. Just leave all your fear and enjoy the fun underwater. Adventure in Lambai Island with both Yann would be amazing and unforgettable.

- Azzaya, April 16, 2021

Beautiful day in Lambai Island (Taiwan). I went to Lambai Island for my very first time. Diving with Yann was beautiful experience, he is a very experienced Padi instructor who take really good care of every little detail of every guest . I expected to do 2 fun dive with Yann but he make it so good and smoothly that I finally ask for 1 more dive. He was also a good guide on the island because he suggested us many good place to have great meal. I highly recommend Yann as scuba instructor and scuba guide.

- Maxime S, April 15, 2021

Great dive with Yann! I had my very first dive with Yann and his teammate in Xiaoliuqiu. It was a great experience !! Yann gave me clear instructions and I felt safe during the entire dive. And both Yann and his teammate are very friendly. I got to see sea turtles, clown fishes (Nemo!), lionfishes, and so on. I definitely recommend diving with Yann :)

- Cyrielle Pouchoy, April 8, 2021

I get an awesome diving experience with Yann at Dive in Taïwan ! I passed my Open Water there and I couldn't expect a better instructor. Super professional and really careful, clear in his instructions and easy going step by step. Btw the diving spots are awesome, Yann made me discover some really great underwater landscape and bunch of wildlife and full of sea turtle. Lets try, its really worthy !!🏝

- Dylan Descourtieux, March 23, 2021

We have dived in Xiaoliuqiu with Yann and saw many wild sea turtles. Highly recommend Yann for his professionalism and enthusiasm. We will definitely dive with him again when we are back on the island!

- Honey Nupeng, March 22, 2021

Professional and well explained everything. Highly recommended!!

- Yun Wei, March 15 , 2021

I had so many great dives with Yann ! He is a great insctructor, really patient and passionated. He brought us to a new site almost everyday ! Cleary one of the best moments in dive I ever had. In addition, he can tell you about the best places to eat really great food for cheap price after diving, to relax on the afternoon or to go for a drink at night ! Almost forgot, he knows how to make great picture underwater so you can leave with great memories ! So this is an all-in-one guide you can have with a great diving experience : higly recommended !

- Yann Kabaré, February 15, 2021

The experience was very nice, Yann is a great instructor, he is patient, makes sure we understand the concepts of open water diving. Yann brought us to beautiful diving sites. I highly recommend him of you're going scuba diving in Xiaoliuqiu, thank you!

- Nicolas Dufils, February 5, 2021

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